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As an educator are you wondering:

Jamie Deters

As an educator are you wondering:

Can you qualify for individual loans or programs as an educator? And should you utilize them?

 If there are special conditions to be met in buying a home?

If you need accurate documentation for your lender regarding your contract?

How do you qualify for a home loan taking your partial year paycheck into account?

Should you move into the area close to the school where you work?

These questions and more can be answered by an experienced Realtor and Loan Officer. I collaborate with a fantastic team who's sole purpose is to make sure you get the best loan, with the best terms, for YOU! We will educate you in all you need to know to protect yourself and your family, in what is arguably the biggest decision in your life, and the largest purchase the majority of people will ever make! Making an educated choice when you choose a Real Estate team will make all of the difference in fulfilling your home purchase dreams while minimizing the challenges.

My staff and I know how important educators are to our community and we value the work you do with our children. We are ready to help you on your Real Estate journey, let us educate YOU!